Sell better on social-media even while you sleep.

Mulaa is driving social commerce with a simple link. Sell products, share engaging content, build your leads list with one short link in bio.
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Make selling visual and personalised for your audience

List all your products in one bio link, simple and beautiful buying experience for your customers.
Mulaa is trusted by fast growing entrepreneurs like Cushlr and BraidQuarters

Convert followers to customers

link in bio has a new meaning. Use all the features in to convert your social media visitors and followers to customers

1. Add your products

place any number of products on your one link, and manage all sales from one place

2. Allow your followers pay or chat with one tap

followers can chat with you directly from your link while they checkout products to buy

3. Followup visitors, remind with advertising

It's not only about having a big followers number, build your custom audience with mulaa

The easiest tool to boost your social commerce

Track your product views with simple analytics, retarget with facebook pixel, offer discount pricing and up-sell. No code of developer required.

Focus on selling, not managing website, sell better with mulaa, optimised for conversion

Simple Shopping Experience
Custom form
Actionable analytics

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